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Adriana Lizama


I took the CELTA part-time in 2007. When I was looking into the course I knew that I wanted to take a program that would prepare and give me a better understanding of ESL and I felt that CELTA would allow me to gain that knowledge.

I found that the lessons were well organized and what we learned week by week helped me to increase my teaching skills during the practice teaching component of the class.

The practice teaching component was helpful in making me more confident in front of students but this was also the time when I could put to practice the skills that I learned in class.




As soon as I finished the course I started working for Global Village Calgary. Since that time I've taught different levels and have been in involved in IELTS.

As I continue at Global Village I find myself coming back to many of the ideas and techniques I learned during CELTA.

Now that I teach the TESOL course (a teacher training program for non-native speakers) here at Global Village I find that I wouldn't be able to teach this course as successfully if I hadn't taken CELTA.

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CELTA Calgary Trainee Adriana

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