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Cambridge CELTA English Teacher Training
& Certificates in Calgary, Canada

CELTA Calgary Course Schedule Cambridge CELTA Training Prairies Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults Calgary Global Village CELTA Calgary Course Schedule

Sample Course Schedule

Full-time Course

Although the schedule is slightly different on each of our courses, this is a typical day on one of our full-time courses.



Purpose / Aim


9:30 - 12:15

Two input sessions with a 15 min break

The inputs are designed to introduce the candidates to principles of language teaching, various teaching techniques and approaches, teaching of language skills and systems etc.
The content is presented through workshop-style, hands-on learning with many demonstrations and opportunities to try things out.


(12:15-1:15 Lunch break)

1:15 – 3:15

Teaching Practice sessions

The trainees teach non-native learners of English in a realistic environment. Individual sessions vary in length from 30 to 60 minutes. Each session is monitored and assessed by one of the trainers, who writes a detailed feedback report for each candidate.



Feedback session

The trainees discuss the lessons that they taught earlier that day. The feedback session focuses on analyzing the strengths and areas for development for each trainee’s session. Practical tips and demonstrations included in feedback are an important part of the learning process on CELTA



Guided/Supported lesson planning

This is an integral session in the philosophy of CELTA because here the trainees discuss their upcoming teaching lessons with their trainers. Thus, they are provided sufficient support and feedback on their planning even before they step into the classroom to teach.


Part-time Course

Our part-time course includes all the components of a full-time course. These are, however, laid out differently throughout the course.

The part-time course usually runs three nights a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) for 12 weeks.

For more details about the schedule of the part-time course, please contact us.

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