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Cambridge CELTA English Teacher Training
& Certificates in Calgary, Canada

Cambrdige CELTA Assessment Cambridge CELTA certification Calgary TESL Certification in Calgary EFL Certification in Calgary Alberta Canada

Course Assessment

The assessment of the Cambride CELTA program in Canada is continuous and integrated. There is no final exam. The candidates are assessed primarily in the areas of:

  • Teaching practice (each assessed lesson is given a grade)
  • Written assignments

Our centre also takes into consideration various aspects of professionalism and professional development. These include:

  • Responsible and professional attitude to learning
  • Responsible and professional attitude to planning and teaching of your lessons
  • Punctuality
  • Willingness to respond to feedback and adjust your own teaching appropriately


The CELTA certificate by GV Calgary in Canada is awarded to candidates who satisfy all assessment criteria and complete all course requirements. These include:

Attendance of 100% of the course

Completion of all teaching practice and observations of experienced teachers

Completion of all four assignments (three or more assessed as 'Pass')

The grades of the certificate are Pass, Pass B (above standard teaching) or Pass A (exceptional language awareness, teaching and professionalism).

Candidates who successfully complete the course, receive both the Cambridge CELTA certificate and a detailed report from the trainers at Global Village Calgary in Canada. The report describes the candidate's performance in some detail and serves as a useful reference for employment.

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